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Glass Shape Edging Machine DGSE1321


1. DGBM371 is designed for grinding and polishing a bevel edge, with bottom edge of glass.

2. Rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing of bevel and grinding of bottom edge can be completed in one time. 

3. The processing speed is adjustable with stepless motor. Frequency motor is for option.

4. Input and output conveyor adopt timing belt which can improve the transmission precision.

5. It is easy to operate and has good performance.

6. The wheels and motor adopt direct transmission;

 1.  All main parts are cast iron and annealing treatment, machine is stronger and stable.


2.  The Sucker Base adopt Copper material


3. The machine has a Vacuum Generator for option, it is good for sucking the glass.


4. The machine is easy for operation, and the electric box is clean and tidy


5. The picture of Glass finish edging


6. Packing & shipping 

Every part pack by foam separately and fix all on the machine, so it’s easy for unloading and customer will not confuse for the parts. 


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