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Glass Drilling Machine DGDM4220


The machine has three control models:

  1. Manual control for upper drilling bit

  2. Upper bit Automatically Drilling 

  3. Continuous drilling is possible for the upper bit after every regular time ( time can be adjusted)


1) Technical Specification

  1. The thickness of processed glass:3mm--25mm

  2. Drilling diameter: φ3mm-φ100mm (Can be customized up to φ220mm)

  3. Maximum size of processed glass: 2600×1800mm

  4. Occupying area: 2500×1700×1700mm

  5. Total power: 4KW

  6. Gross weight: 950kg

2) Processing Precision's Inspection and Acceptance

  1. The coaxial error of upper and lower main spindles is less than ¢  0.2mm.

  2. The perpendicularity error between the worktable and axis of the main spindle is less than 0.12mm within ¢300mm.

  3. Run out of spindle taper hole central line: 50mm away from spindle nose is 0.1mm.

  4. The glass hole diameter error for processing glass is less than 0.3 mm, glass hole rough edges error for processing glass is less than 0.5mm.

3) The processed glass is pneumatically gripped, drilling is alternatively done by upper and lower drills. 

  Feeding is automatically operated.

  The operation platform can be pneumatically elevated for moving glass. It can operate on a wide surface.




Packing & shipping

Every part pack by foam separately and fix all on the machine, so it’s easy for unloading and customer will not confuse for the parts.  


Plywood packing also available 


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